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A woman stalked by depression makes some extreme decisions.
IMDB   Drama, Horror, Thriller

Eric Thirteen
Eric Thirteen
Sara Malakul Lane, Suziey Block, Rob Elk


Sara Malakul Lane (SUN CHOKE / BEYOND THE GATES) is a young woman trying to manage depression and medication. As she’s literally stalked by her own darkness, visions of brutal violence may be her only escape. Suziey Block (ENTRANCE) co-stars.


Disposition aims to bend today’s genre tropes to the will of horror’s more brooding past. Director Eric Thirteen (ROB ZOMBIE’S 31, DIRECTOR’S CUT) carefully assembled the crew from his favorite modern splatter films. Producer and SFX designer Sheila Mia Seifi (JIGSAW, CRYPT TV, CAPTAIN AMERICA) as well as cinematographer Will Barratt (HATCHET, DIGGING UP THE MARROW) were instrumental in portraying the weight of depression through light and visuals. An original score by Devin Johnson (LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT) uses a solo cello performance to add additional voice, giving insight to the unspoken thoughts of the central character.


Sept 2017; Complete, Not Shown
Los Angeles, CA
4K 1.85 USA Color, 5.1
Shot on RED

Cast and Crew

Cast and Crew

Sheila Mia Seifi
Eric Thirteen
Aubrey Ayash
Lexi Love
Allison McGillicuddy
Buz Wallick
Devin Johnson
Will Barratt
Bobby Guard
Noelani Mei Lee
Brooke Mulkins
Sheila Mia Seifi
Caitlyn Brisbin
Rob Burman
Katrina Chavez
Alex Pardee
Alex Schaefer
Ken Hobson
Hannah Carter
Annasthesia Suicide
Luci Suicide
Danielle Stanton
Erica Fett (as Phecda Suicide)
Heathen Suicide
Dennis Schweitzer
Michael Romero
Erin Castrapel
Zack Wilcox
Derek J. Vass
Richelle Taylor
Аннушка Голинская


Disposition is a production of Nightloop